When Using NextMinute and Xero - when should I load into Hubdoc vs NextMinute?

NextMinute vs Hubdoc

When you are using a Job Management add-on such as NextMinute along side Xero and Hubdoc there are two types of transactions:

1.  Job related e.g. materials expense

2.  Business only related e.g. telephone bill

If your jobs are managed in NextMinute the invoices will be loaded directly into Next Minute and will be fed automatically fed into your accounting software such as Xero.  These will not need to go through Hubdoc.

Any business only related expenses such as entertainment spend transactions, vehicle fuel, accounting system subscriptions can be sent to Hubdoc and will then directly be fed into Xero.  

Both transaction flows feed into your accounting system.  The actual document files are held in NextMinute only when they fed into NextMinute.  Those entered into Hubdoc will be held in Hubdoc and Xero.

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