3 Reasons to Ensure you Choose the Right Software for your Business

As a small business owner looking to the unknown world of ‘the cloud’ from hand written invoices and spreadsheets you will want clarity and reassurance it will actually benefit your business both financially and non-financially such as meeting social responsibilities and giving you back your much needed time.  This will apply to you as an owner of any business whether it be building, trades, hairdresser, storage units, animations company.  It doesn’t matter the industry but it does matter the software you choose.  In this post we will list 3 main reasons to ensure you do choose wisely and we will provide examples of these and why we are so emblematic of choosing wisely.

1.  Alignment with your business process

Your system should flow with your business process and work with it.  It should not hinder your process – it should provide benefits.  For example if you are a hair dresser, you need to ensure your booking system captures all the information you require from your client including valid booking times and contact details.  There is no point in taking a booking when you are unable to confirm a booking by phone or cancel at short notice.  

2.  Effective training

Training is important to ensure you and your staff use the system correctly to get your financial value and no time is wasted trying to figure out what to do.  Errors can be made when using your system and you may not notice until you are months down the track having financial implications.  This will cost you more in the long either being penalised for the mistake or paying someone else to fix up the mistakes.  Having training in a format this works for you and your staff is also important.  On-line training you can access at any time and or live training may be the best for you.  Having someone on hand ask questions whenever you are using the software will go a long way to putting you at ease.

3.  Improved Customer Relations

Customer relationships are built on trust and communication.  By implementing the right software such as Xero for your invoicing your customers will trust you have good processes in place and are invoicing correctly as Xero is a trusted brand.  You will be able to invoice in a timely manner – and if hooked to the right job management app, if you are a tradie, you will be reassured your costs are fed through and invoiced correctly.  Customers will automatically see you as more professional using the correct accounting software and will trust the information is correct - for example the GST calculation or adding up of costs.

Remove the fear and procrastination of moving to software by addressing the points raised above.  There are a number of other points to take into account when choosing the right system and getting help to work this through will take all the pressure off you as a business owner.  Often it is about “‘not having the time’ to look at software options” or “what if doesn’t help me?” – these pain points can be removed with the right help. 

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