NextMinute - Work Smarter - not harder

NextMinute Pricing

Admin User

$49 (excl GST)

Mobile User

$15 (excl GST)

How We Can Help You

Software Implementation

We work with you to understand your business requirements up front.  We will help you eliminate your 'pain points' by using NextMinute and ensure you have streamlined processes in place to run your business efficiently and grow your bottom line.  Now more than ever as a small business owner you need to ensure you have full visibility of your jobs from both a financial and timeline viewpoint.

Get Your Time Back!

Ensure your client invoices are professional and sent out on time

Ensure you are paid on time - are you using payment claims?  see my Blog here

Let me ensure your costs are against the correct job 

By allowing me to produce your client invoices and assign materials correctly - your jobs are accounted for correctly and financials are in order ready for your accountant

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027 570 2282

Business hours:

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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