Understand your Accounting System and how it can work for you

About this course:

We show you how to optimise your existing technology by answering the following and more.

How do I ensure I get paid on time?

Your financial system provides automated tools to help you ensure customers pay on time and in full. We will help you understand and set this up within your software.

How do I understand and improve my cashflow?

When you understand your financial transactions and how they flow in and out of your business, you will be able to identify where money can be both saved and made.

Am I am accounting for GST correctly?

Understand how your accounting system manages GST and your role of coding financial transactions correctly.  The result is assisting your accountant in providing improved tax and financial planning advice leading to future business growth while knowing you are fully tax compliant.

Where is my business at right now?

Build and modify reports from your financial system along with graphs for a visual approach. Understand what you see and ‘Know Your Data Better’.

How the Workshops are run

Sessions are delivered in person or via Zoom depending on location.
This Workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.  
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We can help with

"I have been managing my own accounts and GST with a manual spreadsheet for over 12 years. I have felt bogged down with all the paperwork, filing and data entry. I knew I needed to digitise this somehow, but had been reluctant to let go. I met Michelle by chance, and knew immediately I had to ask her to set the Xero system up for me."

Diana Hardwick Smith – Waimarino Health

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We’re based in Mangawhai and love supporting our local business network. However we also connect and work remotely with businesses located anywhere in New Zealand who are looking for more personalised guidance and support when it comes to bookkeeping and business optimisation.